Toba Tek Singh Board 5th 8th Class Result 2019 PEC

Toba Tek Singh Board 5th 8th Class Result

Bise Toba Tek Singh Board 5th 8th Class Result 2019 of Toba Tek Singh district is yet not issued by Punjab Examination Commission. This year 8th class exam result is expected to be declared on 31st March. Once the Pec 5th 8th class result is announced, it will be available online on the official website of Pec, which is Stay connected with us at for more news updates. Stay in touch with us on this page for all more updates. Once the officials issue the result, we will upload the result gazette at this page, from which students will be able to check their marks information subject wise.

Toba Tek Singh Board 5th 8th Class Result 2019

Pec (Punjab examination Commission) is an autonomous body established by the Government of Punjab to assess the learning achievements of elementary level students in the Province of Punjab. This system works on the base of feedback provided by 36 districts, which helps in the policy decision making, educational management and improvement in student's learning. Keep visiting us at for latest educational news. This year Pec has made all the required arrangements to declare the Faisalabad Board 8th Class Result and Faisalabad Board 5th Class Result on the same date i.e 31st March. Dear students you will be able to check your Pec Bise Toba Tek Singh Board 5th 8th Class Result 2019 on Monday from the official website of the board which is, for your convenience we will also provide you this free facility to check your marks on the result of class 8 2019 date. We wish best of luck to all the students.

Toba Tek Singh District

One of the well known famous districts located in the central Punjab is known as Toba Tek Singh District. It was very ancient place of the world. Its history starts during the Indus Valley Civilization at that time this place was agricultural region having a lot of forests. This place was ruled by many great leaders such as Maurya Empire, Indo-Greek kingdom, Kushan Empire, Gupta Empire, White Huns, Kushano-Hephthalites and Shahi kingdoms. Stay in touch with us at for fresh educational news. In 997 CE this place was under the control of Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi. After the decline of his period Mughal Empire comes and ruled here after that Sikh period start. The name Toba Tek Singh was given to this place during the Sikh period. There was a small pound in Punjabi known as TOBA which was provided by a kind hearted Sikh which was eventually known as Toba Tek singh. After that British Raj started at the end of 19th century at that time canal system was built. At the end this land becomes a part of Pakistan because majorities of the Muslims supports Muslim League. All the minorities which are Hindus and Sikh migrated to India and settle down there.

Toba Tek Singh District 8th Class Result 2019

Due to the strong reputation of Tek Singh the name of this place was not changed. In 1982 it was consider as a separate district before this it was included in the Faisalabad district. This district was spread in an area about 3252 square kilometers. It has highly populated region. Its population was about 905,580 according to 1998 census, which was increased later on according to 2008 census it was risen to 1.39 million. We will soon update this article with more news updates so keep on visiting us at Punjabi is the native language which was spoken in the district rather than other languages like Urdu, English and other are also spoken by few peoples. It is sub divided in to four tehsils which are Toba Tek Singh, Pir Mahal, Kamalia and Gojra. It has 539 villages and also comprises a town committee Pir Meehal is present here. Capital of the district is Toba Tek Singh. Boundaries of the district are as follows: From noth it joins Jhang district and Faisalabad, from south it joins River Ravi, From East it joins to Faisalabad and from west it joins to Jhang district. It has many natural resources most important is the River Ravi. There are 82 Union Councils in the district.

Toba Tek Singh 8th Class Result 2019

It is located between 30.97 North latitude and 72.48 East longitude. Its elevation is about 155 meters above the sea level. Judicial Officers in the district are following: District and Sessions Judge, Special Judicial Magistrate, Additional District and Sessions Judge, Civil Judges Cum Judicial Magistrates, Senior Civil Judge/Guardian Judge, Civil Judges and Judicial Magistrates. All of them played their rules and duties very well. The team of wish best of luck to all the students. As we above discuss that this place was an oldest place so there are many notable places exist. Most famous is Manzoor Elahi Forest Park which is a forest park and sports Stadium is also very famous. People from different areas come here for visiting these places. All the famous banks established there branches in the district such as MCB Bank Limited in Grain Market, National Bank of Pakistan, Allied Bank Limited, Habib Bank Limited, Bank of Punjab, United Bank Limited, Bank Alfalah, , JS Bank, Faysal Bank Limited, Meezan Bank Limited and Habib Bank Limited.

Toba Tek Singh District 5th Class Result 2019

Oranges are the best production of this area. Locally this fruit is known as kenno. Standard quantity of this fruit exports too many other areas of Pakistan. Agriculture is the profession of many peoples of this district. Several kinds of agricultural as well as dairy products produced here such as several pulses, peach, guava, tomato, melon, water melon, mango, tobacco, meat, eggs, cotton, maize and onion. Stay connected with us at for more news updates. Major crops of the district are Wheat, Sugarcane, Maize and Cotton. It is the second largest poultry pocket in Pakistan. Total numbers of poultry farms in the district are 1351. It has also heavy Livestock. In the district there are four textile spinning, two sugar mills, eleven flour mills, eleven yarn sizing units, forty six cotton ginning or we say that pressing factories and forty five oil expellers are operating. Some of the famous industries are Straw Board, Steel Doors and Windows, PVC Foot Wear, Plastic Flush Tanks, RCC Pipes/Girders/Slabs, Electrical Accessories, Poultry Farm Equipment and Wire Gauze Weaving. District monitoring office department monitors all the other department of the district. They work effectively and efficiently for the progress of this district. This office was established in 2005 for controlling several other departments which are operating in the district.

Toba Tek Singh 5th Class Result 2019

During raining season this district is highly affected due to the flood which is originated from river Ravi. Some of the famous town in the district is Toba Tek Singh, Sandhilianwali, Sandhilianwali, Kamalia, Gojra and Pir Mahal. Education in the district is good because literacy rate counted amongst the top 10 cities of Pakistan. It has hundreds of educational institutes present here. Where millions of students are getting education. University of Agriculture is also present here. Keep visiting us at for latest educational news. People from different districts also come here for higher studies and specialization in agricultural field. Inhabitants of this place have a simple life. This is also a place of many notable residents of Pakistan. We conclude that this one of the best gift of nature. It is one of the beautiful and wonderful place for living.

8th Class Result Toba Tek Singh Board

Every year these elementary level examinations are conducted by authorities in the month of February. Punjab Education Commission issues the date sheet in the first week of January along with roll number slips. With the advancement in technology it has opened an IT based window to deal directly with the student's problems, and provide them efficient solutions online. Stay in touch with us at for fresh educational news. Now as per government policy, grade 5 and 8 examinations are mandatory for all the students of private / public schools and madaris functioning within the province of Punjab. So a misconception that papers conducted by Pec are optional is totally false and baseless.

5th Class Result Toba Tek Singh Board

Toba Tek Singh Board will announce the 5th and 8th class result 2019 in the last week of March, last year it was announced on 30th March. Dear students stay in touch with us to receive all the necessary updates. Once the result is announced by officials you will be able to check your complete marks sheet detail here without any delay. We wish best of luck to all the students, use below comment box for any suggestions, advice or query. We will soon update this article with more news updates so keep on visiting us at