Pakpattan Board 5th 8th Class Result 2019 PEC

Pakpattan 5th 8th Class Result

Pec (Punjab examination Commission) is an autonomous body established by the Government of Punjab to assess the learning achievements of elementary level students in the Province of Punjab. Stay connected with us at for more news updates. This system works on the base of feedback provided by 36 districts, which helps in the policy decision making, educational management and improvement in student's learning.

Pakpattan District

Pakpattan district is located in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Pakpattan district has two tehsils which name as arifwala tehsil and pakpattan tehsil and has 63 union councils. Keep visiting us at for latest educational news. Paktpattan is known as famous and popular district because of great sufi saint Baba farid ganj shakkar of chisti. Check 2019 8 result. The name of this district is derived from two word pak and pattan which mean as “clean dockland”. There is a history hidden behind clean dockland because it is known that once upon a time baba farid having ablution near river Sutlej but one man told him that this water is dirty and not able to use than baba farid refused and told him that no this water is pure and clean. The actual location of this district is about 207 km far from Lahore district and multan is 205 km far from pakpatan. Most spoken language in this district is Punjabi and few of them speak urdu and English language is also understood by educated and well qualified persons.

Pakpattan District 8th Class Result 2019

Pakpattan is considered as agricultural land during the time period of Indus valley civilization. It is searched that old name of pakpattan is Ajudhan. They were many kingdoms who ruled over this region.few of them were very common. Stay in touch with us at for fresh educational news. The most famous personality of this district is baba farid who came in this district and preached the message of holly prophet (P.B.U.H) who is last prophet of Allah. He proved himself as a true followers of islam. This district got population and strength during the time period of british government. After the independence of Pakistan muslims got strength in this district and lived peacefully because hindus migrated to india and muslims came here and settle down.

Pakpattan 8th Class Result 2019

The land of this district is very fertile and perfect for agriculture. Therefore farmers of this district are ready to spends their whole days and night for the progress of this district. We will soon update this article with more news updates so keep on visiting us at The most common fruit grown in their fields are mango,guava , orange etc and vegetables are potatoes and carrots. Other common crops grown in this district is rice, cotton, wheat, maize and sugarcane. They used their crops for exporting to other countries and also for the welfare of their own district. The other reason for the popularity of this district is “malka hans” which is actually a greek ancient town near pakpattan district. Their education progress is also good. There are many schools, colleges and universities found in pakpattan which provide international and standard education to their students which help them to stand in modern world and established their career and get employment.

Pakpattan District 5th Class Result 2019

The famous university of pakpattan district are virtual university of Pakistan(pakpattan campus) . one big industry is located in pakpattan district which named as “ITTEFAQ SUGAR MILL”. The team of wish best of luck to all the students. In ancient time the most popular vehicle used for transportation is “tonga carriage” and now mostly used is rickshaw. This district is small. Mostly citizens of this district is employed in shopkeeping as their own business. Some old houses build in this region have unique and amazing design and structure which shows their culture and great work of their architecture. Their member are not so advanced in political fields. There are also some unique and famous dishes for eating found in pakpattan district. The milk business is most common in pakpattan. Therefore it is called the home of milk. The famous dishes are pukoorian and tosha which really has a unique and great taste which is famous all over the country and peoples like it too much. And there are also many famous bazaars located in pakpattan district.

Pakpattan 5th Class Result 2019

Every year these elementary level examinations are conducted by authorities in the month of February. Punjab Education Commission issues the date sheet in the first week of January along with roll number slips. Stay connected with us at for more news updates. With the advancement in technology it has opened an IT based window to deal directly with the student's problems, and provide them efficient solutions online. Now as per government policy, grade 5 and 8 examinations are mandatory for all the students of private / public schools and madaris functioning within the province of Punjab. So a misconception that papers conducted by Pec are optional is totally false and baseless.

8th Class Result Pakpattan

Pakpattan Board will announce the 5th and 8th class result 2019 in the last week of March, last year it was announced on 30th March. Dear students stay in touch with us to receive all the necessary updates. Keep visiting us at for latest educational news. Once the result is announced by officials you will be able to check your complete marks sheet detail here without any delay. We wish best of luck to all the students, use below comment box for any suggestions, advice or query.