BISE Hyderabad Board Result 2019

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BISE Hyderabad Board


Hyderabad is the city in sindh province near Karachi in Pakistan. It is the 2nd largest city of sindh. Stay connected with us at for more news updates. It is the 5th largest city in Pakistan. It is hot and humid city in Pakistan. Its climate is very hot. This city has many villages across its location. People who live in this city speak sindhi and Urdu. This city is rich in culture and in heritage. There are some of very big poets evolve from this city. Hyderabad has very big importance in Karachi and Pakistan also. It is politically influence by Karachi. There are many development plans going on in this city which will modernize this city very soon.


Hyderabad has a history of education. before the independence this city Muslims are not allowed to get education. Keep visiting us at for latest educational news. The old school in which Muslim were allowed to go was Noor Muhammad school it was the only one. It was established by nor Muhammad who is Sindhi educationist. The other schools are allowed for Hindus only. Currently there are many school and colleges located in this district. These school and colleges are providing world class education to all the citizens of Hyderabad. Many students are transferred to Hyderabad from Karachi and complete their studies there.

BISE Hyderabad

Board of intermediate and secondary education Hyderabad is the only administrative body which deals with the intermediate and secondary education of Hyderabad. Stay in touch with us at for fresh educational news. It was established with reason to maintain and spread quality education in this city. They have many functionality which they are performing. Some of the activities which they perform are as follows; they register the students for examination, they issue roll number slips to all the students , they verify these roll numbers and then issue the examination date, on examination day they conduct exams for all the students in different centers in transparent environment. They try to reduce the cheating factor from the examination hall; they hire invigilators and teachers for paper checking. they try to make fair paper checking and cheating less and sum up the results when results are sum up they issue the result date and on result date they announces the result after announcement of result they make summary of it and issue this on the website for all the schools and students. So this the function of Hyderabad which is more or less is similar to all other boards because their functionality and job are same only strategies are different for working which make each districts or city boards ranking. Hyderabad board is doing well hope they continue to do these functionality in future and improve themselves.


Hyderabad is the city in sindh province of Pakistan. This city secondary and intermediate level education is maintained by board of intermediate and secondary education Hyderabad. We will soon update this article with more news updates so keep on visiting us at Which are doing hard to ensure quality education. Hope they will improve more and expand knowledge criteria. Hope you all like this article, keep visiting our website for more articles and do give your suggestions and feedback to us.