Bahawalnagar Board 5th 8th Class Result 2019 PEC

Bahawalnagar 5th 8th Class Result

Bise Bahawalpur Board 5th 8th Class Result 2019 of Bahawalnagar district is yet not issued by Punjab Examination Commission. This year 8th class exam result is expected to be declared on 31st March. Once the Pec 5th 8th class result is announced by officials, it will be available online on the official website of Pec, which is Stay connected with us at for more news updates. Stay in touch with us on this page for all more updates. Once the officials issue the result, we will upload the result gazette at this page, from which students will be able to check their marks information subject wise.

Bahawalnagar Board 5th 8th Class Result 2019

Pec (Punjab examination Commission) is an autonomous body established by the Government of Punjab to assess the learning achievements of elementary level students in the Province of Punjab. This system works on the base of feedback provided by 36 districts, which helps in the policy decision making, educational management and improvement in student's learning. Keep visiting us at for latest educational news. This year Pec has made all the required arrangements to declare the Bahawalpur Board 8th Class Result and Bahawalpur Board 5th Class Result on the same date i.e 31st March. Dear students you will be able to check your Pec Bise Bahawalnagar Board 5th 8th Class Result 2019 on Monday from the official website of the board which is, for your convenience we will also provide you this free facility to check your marks on the result eighth class 2019 date. We wish best of luck to all the result grade 8 2019 students.

8th Class Result Bahawalnagar

Bahawalnagar is one of the famous district of Pakistan. Authentic History of this district starts in 493 A.D. In the past this was known as "Rojhan Waali". This is a land where all the great conquerors like Alexander, Sultan Mahmood of Ghazni, Shahab-ud-din Muhammad Ghuri, Timur, Babur, Nadir Shah Durrani and Ahmed Shah Abdali passed over. Stay in touch with us at for fresh educational news. Before independence of Pakistan it is on the Border, Bahawal Nagar was also included in this state and Nawab of Bahawalpur governed it. Muslim invasion of India is the duration where the recorded history start. In 1904 the name Bahawalnagar was given to this land. In the beginning this district was under the control of non Muslims leaders but after many sacrifices this state becomes a part of Pakistan.

Bahawalnagar District 8th Class Result 2019

Bahawalnagar Administration composed of TMA (Tehsil Municipal Administration), Tehsils, Union Councils, Population, Villages, Canals, Roads, Irrigation and NLC. Manzar Javed Ali is the TMA of this District. This district is located in East Pakistan. It spread around in 8,878 square kilometers area. There are five large tehsils includes in this districts which are Bahawalnagar,Chishtian , Fort Abbas , Haroonabad and Minchinabad and containing 118 Unioan Councils. According to 1998 census the widely spoken language of this area is Punjabi usually in Majhi and Malwi dialects. 95% people spoke Punjabi. Bahawalnagar has the south touches with the territory of India and in the Northern side River Sutlej flows.Govenment structure in Bahawalnagar District is divided in to Educational Departments, Irrigating Departments, Highways’ Departments, Postal Departments, Police Departments , Land and justice, Land Departments, Exice and Taxation , Health Departments and Semi government Departments.

Bahawalnagar 8th Class Result 2019

Not in Pakistan it is also the biggest district in South Asia. People having a rich culture and heritage lived here before the establishment of Pakistan. People of this region are basically agriculturists .Mahar,Lodhi(Pathan), Rajput, Arain, Wattoo, Gorgani, Johiya, Sukheras, Khakwani, Chishti ,Paracha, Bhatti, Malik, Jatt, are the main tribes and subtribes here. We will soon update this article with more news updates so keep on visiting us at Among the above following Paracha, Arain, Jatt, Wattoo and Gorgani are most commonly farmers.

5th Class Result Bahawalnagar

As we know that this is an historical district of Pakistan. The team of wish best of luck to all the students. There are alot of visiting or places for picnics like there is a historical forts in Tehsil Fort Abbas , Sadqia Canal , Marot Fort in Marot ,Wild Life Park , Satluj Park in the city , Haider Stadium , National Park in Dodhla Jungle in Fort Abbas Area , Border Area , Adam Sugar Mill Chishtian , River Satluj Near Bahawalnagar City ,Jam Gar Fort , Phoolra Fort and Meer gar Fort . But the most importand places are Satluj River and Darbar Kawaka Ghulam Rasool Togarvi. Forest is also present in this district sprend arount about Area in Acres: 24,195.

Bahawalnagar District 5th Class Result 2019

According to 1998 Census population of that district was very huge around about it was at that time near 2,061447. Government of Pakistan established thousands of government and private schools and colleges are established to educate the people of these districts. There is also a one post graduate college present here. Stay connected with us at for more news updates. Bahawalnagar is still under developed district but it has all modern facilities in it. Transport is very comfortable and efficient. Railway services are available also here twenty four hours. Hotels facilities is also available for those who comes from outside to stay in the district. Some of the famous hotel in this district is Sambara Hotel, Chnbeli Bag Hotel, Shangrila Hotel and City Hotel.

Bahawalnagar 5th Class Result 2019

Industries are also present in the districts; these are the names of some large industries: Cotton Ginning & Pressing, Flour Mills, Marble Industry, Oil Mills, Paper & Paper Board, Rice Mills, Sugar, Tea Blending and Textile Spinning. Keep visiting us at for latest educational news. Main crops in this region are these which are cultivated Sugarcane, Cotton, Wheat, Rice and Mustard Seed and Citrus, Guavas, Mangoes and Dates these are the main fruits. People of this area usually cooked these vegetables Cauliflower, Onion, Turnip, Carrot, Potatoes and Tomatoes. Closing Estimate budget of this region (2012 -13) is 17055151(7.33%). Winders in these districts are very dry and as well as cold and in the summer the climate becomes very hot and dry. Just below 99mm is the average annual rainfall is in the district.

5th 8th Class Result Bahawalnagar

Every year these elementary level examinations are conducted by authorities in the month of February. Punjab Education Commission issues the date sheet in the first week of January along with roll number slips. Stay in touch with us at for fresh educational news. With the advancement in technology it has opened an IT based window to deal directly with the student's problems, and provide them efficient solutions online. Now as per government policy, grade 5 and 8 examinations are mandatory for all the students of private / public schools and madaris functioning within the province of Punjab. So a misconception that papers conducted by Pec are optional is totally false and baseless.

Bahawalnagar Board will announce the 5th and 8th class result 2019 in the last week of March, last year it was announced on 30th March. Dear students stay in touch with us to receive all the necessary updates. Once the result is announced by officials you will be able to check your complete marks sheet detail here without any delay. We will soon update this article with more news updates so keep on visiting us at We wish best of luck to all the students, use below comment box for any suggestions, advice or query.